Our mission at Parrott Company is to promote what it means to be real in all areas of life, encouraging our community to be the best of themselves and to celebrate their uniqueness. We want to have a positive and lasting impact on our culture that is about more than just a brand, but rather a lifestyle that is celebrated through our brand. We believe being real is a virtue that is hard to come by and is something we want to celebrate when we find it in others. Our desire is to create a community around this idea where we can have relationships without facades and be able to truly see one another for the beautiful people we really are.

At Parrott Company we also care a lot about what we are selling our customers. Which gives us a chance to be real with you about the fact that we source clothing that is well made and guaranteed to last, with the highest level of comfortability. We do our best to uphold the highest standards so you can shop confidently knowing that you are truly getting what you pay for. We have nothing to hide and want to build a lasting relationship with our customers that is built on trust and integrity. Below you will find our pillars of our brand and what “Be Real” means to us.

Be Real

What does it mean?

Loyalty – To yourself and to others you love.

Honesty – With yourself and with others.

Respect – For yourself and others.

Love – True love lived out in your actions not just in your words.

Confidence – In your identity.